Miniature Circuit Breakers S200 series

4S200 C characteristic

Function: protection and control of the circuits against overloads  and short-circuits; protection for resistive and inductive loads with low inrush current.

Applications: domestic, commercial and industrial. Standard:IECIEN 60898, IEC/EN 60947-2   -   lcn=6 kA



5DS 200 AC type,B characteristic

!Function: protection against  overload and short-circuit currents;. protection against the effects of

9 sinusoidal alternating earth fault currents; protection against indirect contacts andadditionalprotectionagainst  direct contacts; command and isolation of resistive and inductive loads. Application:commercial, industrial



6ABB Residual current devices F 200, DDA 200, FS 201 and OS 200 series

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